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For the ultimate in commercial heating, cooling, climate controls, refrigeration, and more, look to a firm that is

Global has hot and cold - and everything in between - under control

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One source, whether it's hot or cold, liquid or gas? This is

Global is your complete process piping solution

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You should have the ability to monitor and manage any system in your building. Call us

We consider that a compliment

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When it comes to refrigeration...

Put more than half a century of experience
to work for you.

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Ventilation: Your Defense Against Covid 

“The CDC has finally said what scientists have been screaming for months: The coronavirus is overwhelmingly spread through the air, not via surfaces”

Last week, the CDC acknowledged that cleaning surfaces to prevent transmission of the coronavirus is pure hygiene theater. You can put away the bleach, cancel your recurring Amazon subscription for disinfectant wipes, and stop punishing every square inch of classroom floor, restaurant table, and train seat with high-tech antimicrobial blasts. COVID-19 is airborne: It spreads through tiny aerosolized droplets that linger in the air in unventilated spaces. Touching stuff just doesn’t carry much risk.

Derek Thompson, The Atlantic

Mechanical Services for New England 

Global provides, installs, and services high quality mechanical services (HVAC, process piping, refrigeration systems, and more) as well as building controls for commercial and industrial applications. With over a half century of experience and investment, we are prepared to meet any challenge in this fast changing industry. Contact us for an assessment of your needs, or for an energy efficiency evaluation.

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Making (and keeping) things warm – or cold – is an engineering challenge we have repeatedly met. 

Climate Control

With all the talk about climate change, we are committed to sustainable climate (and workplace) efficiency.


Regular maintenance costs us both less than on-call service. Don’t put it off. Contact us now.

Public & Education

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HVAC and controls for this fast growing unicorn    

Boston Volvo

HVAC and controls for New England’s largest Volvo dealership  


Full package for 120,000 SF store in the Boston area  

Whole Foods

Soup-to-nuts mechanical: HVAC, Refrigeration, Controls, and Service

ArcLight Theatres

Through precise coordination, we were able to bring this project in on time and under budget.

liquor store cooler systems

Beer and Wine Coolers

Pipeline transport is the transportation of goods or material through a pipe.

Supermarket Dairy Case

Pipeline transport is the transportation of goods or material through a pipe.

Laboratory Chiller

Pipeline transport is the transportation of goods or material through a pipe.

We are Trusted

New Installations

We are an established, go-to engineering resource for architects, GC’s and project managers throughout New England.

We are Creative


An important dimension of sustainability is getting yesterday’s systems to perform like today’s.

We are Dependable


The substantial investment you’ve made in your existing facility may warrant one of our specialties, a complete R and R.