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It is said that Global New England does cold, and we would add, nobody does it better.  This, of course, extends to our experience with chiller plants and other large-scale integrated systems – from new installations to retrofits, modifications, and replacements.

We are committed to keeping your costs (and ours!) low so our front end technical team will do the modeling to make sure the cost benefit ratio works to your best advantage.

And once the engineering is done, Global’s will configure, deliver, and install to the high standards we have set for ourselves – and that you have come to expect of us.


Yes, we know cold because we’re in New England. So we know something about heat, too. Actually, we know a lot.

One of the things we know is that steam – the usual product of a boiler delivers very powerful thermal punch – expanding water to 1600% of its room-temperature displacement.

This expansion delivers a lot of heat over a large area very quickly, which means if something goes wrong at one point in the system, a very large area could be affected.

So this makes a boiler like a chiller: you want a robust, well made system expertly installed, and just as expertly maintained. Both are heavy duty systems designed to handle much larger loads than localized units such as rooftop heat exchangers, furnaces, and unit heaters. (Good news: we install and maintain those, too.)


Because a chiller plant’s environmental footprint affects large swaths of your operation, maintenance should be integrated into your planning. Among the touchpoints of our chiller maintenance regime are:

  • Enhance efficiency through aggressive replacement of parts and pumps
  • Routine test that the plant meets required loads based on rated capacity
  • Electrical tests and inspection
  • Water and lubricant seals
  • Compressor measurement and testing
  • Inspect piping and ducting
  • Analyze and re-evaluate control systems

We recognize that chillers are usually mission-critical – which is why we are staffed with the requisite level of expertise.

Global’s boiler maintenance is similarly robust, with preventive and restorative services performed in summer. Among the things we check are:

  • Heat-transfer surfaces
  • Water-treatment program
  • Combustion controls / fuel-air ratio
  • Distribution system (leaks, insulation, traps)
  • Electrical components
  • Valve controls
  • Low water sensor and cutoff


Since the laws of physics have not been repealed, things do, alas, wear out, break down, or get hit by fork lifts. Global has a rapid response team constantly at the ready for those times when the unforeseen (or truly weird) happens.