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From your perspective, the field generally known as Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning is one thing. For most clients, that thing is interior comfort. Or manufacturing climate control. Or refrigeration. Or laboratory ventilation. But for your operation, more than one of these – often all of them – are needed in a single installation.

New Installations

From our perspective, then, we approach HVAC as a unique constellation of many things designed, configured, manufactured, and installed to achieve your particular set of objectives. But now matter how many aspects of HVAC and other mechanical services you may need, we only know one way to do it: the right way. From heating/cooling loads to the implementation control strategies – our engineers, fabricators, and installers are focused on producing and delivering the highest quality work and reliability.

Remodel and retrofit

Retrofits and remodeling projects have their own unique challenges in deriving higher energy efficiency from  HVAC systems, while at the same time providing the significant cost benefit advantage required to initiate the project. Global’s field experience with virtually every kind of system is gives us a critical.


Sometimes, efficiency gains of greater significance can be had with a replacement – on some systems, better than 30%. This is over and above the savings of repairing a system that is long past its expiration date or duty cycle. Our digital modeling system (BIM) will provide you with the calculations needed, should this be a viable option.

Maintenance and repair

The Second Law of Thermodynamics is the immutable law of physics that means things will break down. Along with on-call repair service, Global provides service contracts that means your equipment is inspected regularly to keep physics at a distance. Global’s highly regarded technical team mean you get maximum uptime – for a fixed cost.