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There’s that pesky law of thermodynamics that stipulates heat dissipates to cold. Here is a case where we specialize in accelerating that process. Making things cold….and keeping them cold. Very cold. In businesses that handle food, laboratory materials, and other perishables, refrigeration is a critical investment – and so is reliability. The lower the temperature the greater the amounts of energy required to generate that cold, and we think, the greater the need for thermal and energy efficiency. Because the difference to you is higher cost. (Which your accountant will consider lost profit.) Global New England installs equipment known for its reliability – and we maintain and repair refrigeration equipment of all types, no matter who made or installed it. If you maintain a refrigeration unit, you should put our number on your speed dial.


For many of our customers, this is by far their largest energy commitment – and a place where the quality of equipment, installation, and controls all make the largest impact on a bottom line. Global’s experience with both walk-in and reach-in freezers makes us the first-call resource for supermarkets, stores, restaurants, and laboratories throughout New England.


Installation quality is an important variable for units that are frequently and regularly exposed to the warm air of a kitchen or a dairy aisle. Our new work – and our maintenance and retrofit programs – focus on all the points where ‘cold energy’ is lost: seals, door closers, insulation, evaporator components.

Ice Machines

This least glamorous aspect of refrigeration adds a new wrinkle: water quality. For this reason, we offer (and usually recommend) a filtration system that demineralizes water – important for units with self-service dispensers – to say nothing of promoting the longevity of your ice-making investment. Moreover, we can provide remote condensing units to remove noise from areas where it would be in issue, such as a medical clinic floor.


At the risk of repeating ourselves, all heating and cooling equipment works hard agains certain laws of physics. This involves a lot of components, some of them subject to wear, that must work together efficiently to keep your costs as low as possible. Though we recommend a maintenance program to maximize uptime at the lowest possible, predictable cost, our tech trucks are always at the ready for unscheduled repairs, as an emergency is potentially existential for some businesses. They are stocked with the components that all makes of refrigeration equipment use, and staffed with technicians who know how to service your unit.